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Whether it is a rich melody or a cheery jig, the clarinet is the most beautiful and versatile instrument. 


On low- and mid-register pieces, it sounds deep and exquisite.  The flexibility of the clarinet can make the low register into a somber ode, a frightful symphony, or a romantic etude. By starting in the low register and building in both dynamics and speed, the clarinet can warn of a turn in the music and make the listener anxious and make their heart quickens.  In contrast, a fine clarinetist playing Greensleeves is enough to take one into a world of cool moonlit rolling hills. 


Higher pieces, such as dances, are light and jovial.  A quick tongue and nimble fingers enable a clarinetist to dance over rhythms giving the audience the feel of an old-fashioned dance at a summer festival.  The quick melodies and rich tone embody any listener to feel lighthearted and cheerful.


Whether playing a light jig or a slow sonata, the clarinet can adjust to any piece and bring out the mood.  A clarinet has the ability to change the mood and sway the audience like no other.