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edited 7 October 2003

name:  rachel lynn kammerer
birthday:  4.23.85
eye color:  brown
hair color: brown

height: 5'7-ish
fav color: brown
fav food: olive garden's minestrone... Mmmmm....
fav drink: cran-grape juice

fav tea: chai
fav milk: skim.  or shenville creamery choc... oooh!
fav coffee: mocha kahlua latte...:)
fav juice: cran-grape.. :)  welchs
fav soda: jones 
fav shake: coffee.

fav cereal: golden grahams..
fav yogurt: raspberry
fav pancake: mmm... plain pancakes with blueberries and blueberry syrup... mmmm....

fav potato: au gratin
fav bagel: plain
fav pizza: pizza hut.  pan pizza.  CHEESE!

fav salad: iceburg lettuce, cheese, olives, egg, chineese noodles.  with ruby tuesday's fat free honey mustard... yum!
fav pasta: tortellini.  or...oooh... does pierogies count... mmm... pierogies... :)
fav burger: morning star tomato-basil pizza burger

fav fries: burger kings.
fav sandwich: subway.  on parmesean oregano. cheese, lettuce, olives, mustard, and low fat mayo.  and oregano.

fav chips: martins

fav candy bar: TWIX!!
fav candy:
twizzlers pull and peel

fav cookie: choc chip.  from bam.  
fav cake: vanilla...

fav icing: oreo.
fav ice cream: ben and jerrys.  phish food.  *eyes roll back*  yum!!!
fav chocolate: mmm... white or milk...
fav popsicle: *laughs*  creamsicle.  :)

fav popcorn: bear something... *laughs*  it has caramel and choc. covered!  *dances*

fav fudge: choc caramel, prolly.
fav taco: cheese... *grins*
fav burrito:  bean.  *laughs*  you are talking to a veggie head... c'mon.
fav mexican food: enchilada... mmm... from el charro... oooh.
fav italian food: pasta.. 'course.
fav greek food: mm... falafel.
fav american food: grilled cheese...
fav chinese food: egg rolls
fav thai food: pad thai tofu.  yum
fav french food: *laughs*  umm... *laughs*  i dont know.
fav side dish: cornbread!

fav fruit: a good organic granny smith apple.
fav meal: thai.  *smiles*

fav dessert: ice cream.  ben and jerrys.  phish food.  :)
fav movie: braveheart or ice age... i like skrat!
fav book: harry... potter... *laughs*
fav author: george r. r. martin

fav series: song of ice and fire.
fav magazine: time?

fav video game: wipe out.

fav game: rat screw
fav movie: braveheart or ice age

fav actor/ess: skrat.  *laughs*

fav tv show: jeopardy... *laughs*
fav flower: mmm... potted: fushia, arranged: lily..
fav song: somebody
fav group: *laughs*  umm... e245.. *laughs*  i dunno.
fav singer: *chuckles*  bassett... 


who would you?

talk to for hours: danl.
go shopping with: *rab*  umm... caroline. *laughs*
go to a horror flick with:  danl.  *laughs*
go to a romance flick with: *chuckles* marc?  maybe?

go to a comedy with: jon jon.  i love jon jon.

go to a jazz concert with: bassett...
go to a symphony with:  danl or marc or bassett.

go to a rock concert with: marc.
go to a marching festival with: bassett
go clubbing with: caroline!!! *laughs* 
go to the library with: marc prolly
go to the mall with: *laughs*  marc.
go to nyc with: cari.
go to
alaska with: marc.
go to
europe with: mm... marc

go camping with: marc
go to the beach with:  marc and his suite... gods that would be hilarious
go to a bar with: caroline

go to a gym with: marc.
go to a skating rink with: marc or danl.
go to a deserted island with:  *laughs*  caroline or danl or marc
go to a bookstore with: danl
go to a dance with: marc or danl

dance with: caroline
hug: danl or cari... i miss you guys
comfort: danl.

date:  *laughs*  umm...

make out with: marc?
have as a best friend: cari or marc or danl.. 

have a fling with: caroline.. *chuckles*  is that incest yet cari?

spend a day with: danl or cari

spend a week with: mmm... everyone at once?  ooh! chicago... again.  please.

dorm with:  .marc or cari.


who is the?


best musician: bassett?

best singer: bassett 

best actor: actor?  umm danny.  *nod*

best in history: danl. 

best in government: ros.  many times over.

best in geography: that is _definitely_ danl.

best in English: bassett prolly.

best writer: elliot.

best in bio: last year i said danl.  i dont know anymore. *smirks and daniel... wink*

best in chem.: mearc the brat

best in physics: MARC.  hands down.

best in astronomy: Christopher Everett.

best in geology: *scoff*  umm danl, prolly.

best in geometry: danl.

best in algebra: marc?  danl?  (::looks at both:: ready??? FIGHT!)

best in calculus: mearc.  sorries, danl.  he has you.  soon as you can find the area of __ graph as it rotates around the x-axis... erm... yeah...

best memory: danl.

best listener: ros.  i miss ros

best advice giver: ros.

best handwriting: *laughs*  marc wait umm bassett.

best artist: kurt

best back massager:  depending on mood: bassett or danl.

best speaker: bassett.. course.

best dressed: mr. bassett.

best hair: danl or austin.. danl grow it out *rab* J

best skin: bassett..

best hands: marc

best smile: mmm... i dont know

best hugger: marc or danl

best kisser: marc.  i'm biased, what do you think?

best card player: austin byler keeler... i beat you though... *smiles*  rematch?  please?

most seductive: *laughs!* headdah J

most ticklish: Sabrina

most mature: *laughs*   bassett somehow

most opinionated: ELL-I-OT!!

most thoughtful: ros

most forgiving: mm prolly... ros.

most caring: danl.

most loving: daniel.  very much so

most athletic: marc.

sweetest: danl. 

smartest: eeep!  danl or bassett.

stupidest: umm no clue.

funniest: jon jon

craziest: caroline

coolest: caroline.

fastest learner: danl.

fastest runner: marc.



who is most likely to?


become president: *sighs*  i have no clue

have a tv show: jon jon.  *laughs*

be a pro athlete: considering that he is the only athletic person marc.

write a book: mr everett.

be a broadway star: bassett

be a conductor: bassett

be arrested: cari... sorry babe, i'll bail you out 

die a virgin: *laughs* i dont know... *begs 'johnny'*

be on the cover of time: bassett

take over the world: bassett.. *laughs*

kill someone: paul

be killed: cuellar... *laughs*  i'm sorry...  (psst.. thanks paul)

be a movie star: *laughs*  bassett...

be a mechanic: marc.

be a lawyer: danl?

be a doctor: laura.

be a teacher: ros.

be a cook: me!

be a fast food worker: *laughs*  i dunno...

be a millionare: marc!  and he'll live in a shack!!!!  and drive a lambourghini!  *pokes marc*


actually read this: danl and marc.  'cause i'm makin' em *grin!*






any suggestions on more? email me *nod*

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