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Extracurricular Activities
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Activity                 Grades          Hours          Position or Office Held


Marching Band       10,11,12      10+                Clarinet Section Leader

ACT*                    10,11,12      5-20              "B" Team Captain

Musical                  9,10,12          8+               

Soccer                   12                  5+

Research**            12                  3+

Forensics                12                  1-5



*ACT: Spotswood High School has an Academic Competition Team which competes in a Jeopardy-like fashion. We compete at area schools throughout the district and travel to competitions at Duke University, the University of Maryland, a national tournament in Chicago, and many other academic competitions.  The "B" team is our school's second highest team.


**Research and Inquiry into Science is a class I am taking this year, in which I am working with a professor at James Madison University on a project using Gas Filter Correlation Radiometry to calculate the amount of Carbon Monoxide in the Atmosphere.