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profile-esque thingie

edited and abridged on: 28 November 2004

name:  rachel lynn kammerer
birthday:  4.23.85
eye color:  brown
hair color: brown

height: 5'7-ish
fav color: brown
fav food: meat.  steak or sausage.

fav drink: sambuca or goldschlager.

fav tea: chai

fav milk: skim. 
fav coffee: with baileys.

fav juice: cran-grape..   welchs
fav soda: cream soda.
fav shake: b52.

fav cereal: grape nuts or golden grahams..
fav yogurt: yoplait lite blackberry.

fav potato: au gratin

fav bagel: plain or egg everything.
fav pizza: pizza hut deep dish cheese

fav pasta: tortellini. 

fav burger: five guys.

fav fries: burger kings'
fav chips: martins

fav candy bar: big kat or something lindt.
fav candy:
twizzlers pull and peel

fav cake: funfetti. (i don't like cake, if i'm going to eat it, it damned well better be fun.)
fav ice cream: ben and jerrys.  traditionally phish food.

fav chocolate: lindt.

fav popcorn: uber-butter.

fav mexican food: cheese enchiladas

fav greek food: gyro

fav american food: steak
fav chinese food: general tso's.
fav thai food: pad thai tofu. 

fav side dish: fried apples.

fav fruit: pomegranate  

fav movie: *shrug*  depends. (the rock, wag the dog, down with love, chasing amy...?)
fav author: george r. r. martin/rowling.

fav series: song of ice and fire.
fav video game: wipe out.  or dynasty warriors... for kicks.

fav game: rat screw/scrabble.
fav tv show: whose line is it anyway.
fav flower:  iris and sunflower (together.  with something red.)
fav song: somebody
fav group: maroon 5/blues traveler



true love is the best thing in the world, next to cough drops, of course.